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Image of Jethro Travel for Civil Diplomats

Jethro Travel is a direct response to the strong desire of Jethro Humanitarian Civil Diplomats for improved security and travel condition

Jethro Travel: the exclusive solution for Jethro Civil Diplomats.

The launch of Jethro Travel was authorized by the Deliberative Council of Jethro International following a two-year analysis of trends and demands from a thousands of travels undertaken by Civil Diplomats worldwide.

In order to provide Jethro Civil Diplomats with flight tickets, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and sea travel services, Jethro Travel aims to be a committed and exclusive support channel.

How did Jethro Travel come to be?

During the course of Jethro International’s 23 years in business, our team has developed competence in providing assistance to humanitarian civil diplomats when they are traveling, particularly with regard to issues with foreign airports.

A dedicated team at Jethro Travel ensures the piece of mind that Jethro Humanitarian Civil Diplomats need to carry out their duties.

The best way to use Jethro Travel

Only Jethro Civil Diplomats with credentials that are still valid are eligible for this service.

To take advantage of Jethro Travel’s benefits just get in touch with the Jethro Travel Customer Service Center:

Image of Jethro Travel Whatsapp call+351 935 453 717

Why should I use Jethro Travel and what are its benefits?

The three primary advantages of Jethro Travel are its lower rates, the hotel network’s cost-benefit advantages, and the local assistance provided by the Jethro International Civil Diplomats network worldwide.

Image of Jethro Travel


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