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Let’s celebrate the victory of humanitarian actions in the world with Jethro Civil Diplomat


For 22 years, Jethro Civil Diplomat continues to support humanitarian actions in more than 100 countries.

In the early 2000s, a group of entrepreneurs with genuine humanitarian interests had excellent ideas for transforming the world.

However, there was a lack of reliable contacts to allocate the resources for such actions.

Hence, on 7/7/2001, they signed a commitment to establish an organization capable of materializing their dreams.

Following the principle of Yes, We Can Change, the Jethro Civil Diplomat was born.

In the beginning, Jethro’s President realized the need to gather the leaders of his network from different countries and start a movement in favor of human and humanitarian causes.

Thus creating a worldwide interconnection of people with relevance in their areas of activity.

Since then, professionals from the most diverse areas of society have been connected with Jethro, aiming to have a representation of the suffering in these countries.


How Jethro Civil Diplomat is Supporting Humanitarian Actions

The main work of Jethro Civil Diplomat is to encourage the development of projects designed and carried out by the diplomats themselves or in collaboration with other entities.

Consequently, the role of the Jethro Civil Diplomat is not to manage these projects.

Our goal is to contribute to their development and collaborate with the Civil Diplomats in their implementation.

Today, with headquarters in Europe and a presence in more than 100 countries, we continue to fulfill the vision.

Yes, we can change – from Europe to the world – through our Civil Diplomats.

Indeed, nowadays we are seeing the 2nd Generation of Jethro Civil Diplomats.

Jethro Organisation has been training Civil Diplomats through specific preparatory content to enable leaders in society to be protagonists of social transformation actions based on the legal prerogative of Civil Diplomacy.

Communication Civil Diplomat Jethro
Jethro International’s Communications Department curates the most relevant information about the actions of humanitarian civilian diplomats around the world. Stay up to date, follow and share your actions with us! Please contact us at
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